Mascot #2 at Better Read Than Dead BK, with Jacqueline Waters and Erika Hodges on December 5th, 2019 curated by Cori Hutchinson and James Barickman

Happiness is an Inside Job at The Living Gallery Bk, NY on November 7th, 2019

curated by Sage Elder & Macy Verges


784 Sky Lounge #2 with Bassel al-Rahim, Maddie Braun, and Rachel Pearl-Stuart on October 4th, 2019

curated by Tenaya Nasser-Frederick and Terrence Arjoon


Elizabeth Street Reading Series at Sisters in Chinatown with Anna Gurton-Wachner, Emma Wipperman, and Molly Ledbetter on May 31st, 2019   

curated by Maddie Braun


My Smutty Valentine with Mira al-Rahim, Becca Teich, Gia Gonzales, Vita Taurke, and others with on February 5th, 2019

curated by The Anchoress Syndicate


Throop Ave Reading Series with Christina Chalmers, Sarah Lawson, and Dan Owen on June 30th, 2018

curated by Maddie Braun


Greetings, Unnameable Books, NY on June 21st, 2018

curated by Jeoffrey Nelson

IN THE MIDDLE OF in Rhinebeck NY on July 21st, 2016

curated by Grace Caizza & Lizzy Chiappini (Four-D)